The Process

I can work with individual specialists to tailor a process that best suits you.

But essentially there are two ways Sound Medical Typing operates:

Remote access

I will liaise with your IT service provider (e.g. Medihost Solutions) to enable secure VPN remote access to your PC. I type directly into your practice management software (e.g. Genie) from dictated audio files.

This is my preferred process as it makes for a faster turnaround for clients with little error involved. Clinic lists, patient details and GP/referrer details are already entered and I can type directly into practice templates.

Via Sound Medical Typing website

  1. Go to the Client Login section of the Sound Medical Typing website and register as a new client.  Simply use your email address as the login name and select your password.
  2. Dictate your clinic letters.
  3. Upload to my secure website (using your username/password) or send via email.
  4. Letters are then typed as Word documents and returned to your client area on the website or via email.
  5. You will be advised via email when your typed clinic letters are ready for review/download.