A quick fix …. or not?

The Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday ran an article titled Gold Coast Health medical transcript backlog has letters being sent to dead people.  The crux of the story appears to be that in an effort to clear a backlog of typing, a Gold Coast hospital had outsourced their transcription to the Philippines and in the process the “Filipino office misinterpreted patient records, surgery notes, doctor’s advice, clinical appointments and changes to medication.”

This is horrifying yet entirely avoidable. It comes as no surprise to me that in the process of attempting to reduce costs, the quality of service is impacted. This is inevitable.

This scenario would never occur with Sound Medical Typing for the following key reasons:

  • As Principal, I made a strategic decision in relation to my clientele (medical specialists working in private practice) based almost entirely on the potential for a relationship to develop between typist and specialist/practice manager.
  • I am not interested in building the largest medical transcription business. It goes entirely against what Sound Medical Typing is all about – the building of relationships with mutual trust.
  • You are not a number to me. Although the letters have your signature on the bottom, each letter is a reflection of me too. I take ownership of that and I take it seriously.
  • We do not outsource to Asia or anywhere else in the world for that matter. In fact, we do not even outsource within Australia. You have direct access to your typist, as it should be.

Many specialists use phrases that are particular to them and they do so over and over. Many pronounce particular words a certain way. If I am responsible for all your typing rather than a pool of random onshore and offshore typists, those words and phrases become second nature to me too.

The problem in this example of the Gold Coast Bulletin article is not one of outsourcing but rather to whom it was outsourced, and a failure by those responsible for hospital resourcing to recognise the value of a specialist medical typist and the relationship they form with a medical specialist/practice manager. And the absolute trust that inevitably follows from that.

Contact Sound Medical Typing and let’s start building a strong, trusting working relationship today!

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