Frequently Asked Questions


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Is Sound Medical Typing an Australian business?

Yes. I am based in Port Macquarie, NSW.  I only provide transcription services for Australian-based medical specialists in private practice.

Do you type for hospitals?

No. We do not service public or private hospitals.

How do you charge?

For medico-legal reports, I charge $2.20 (Australian dollars) per audio minute.  For clinic letters, I charge a per letter rate.  I invoice on a weekly basis with payment terms of 14 days. Payment is by direct deposit.

Can you use our existing letter templates?

Definitely. Simply upload your templates to the secure client log in area of the website and I will type directly into them. For remote access clients, I type into existing templates automatically.

What software do you use?

I generally work with Genie practice management software and Olympus dictation/transcription software.  Clients generally send DS2 audio files.